Visiting Mayo Methot’s Crypt

If you’ll be anywhere near Portland, Oregon this Memorial Day, you may wish to pay respects at the resting place of a celebrity from long ago. That person is Humphrey Bogart’s erstwhile wife, Mayo Methot. Your destination? Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial mausoleum.

Mayo Methot
Mayo Methot’s Crypt, Photo Copyright Roy Widing

Mayo was married to ‘Bogie’ for nearly seven years and their union is considered by many to be the stuff of lore. Since their disagreements frequently played out in public, Mayo & Humphrey were sometimes called the “Battling Bogarts.”

Yet Mayo’s fame was not simply due to marrying the number one leading man in movies, as voted by the American Film Institute. Before meeting Humphrey Bogart, Mayo herself was a star of both Broadway and film.

Mayo’s crypt is located on the entry level at Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial. However, it’s a massive structure, so feel free to ask for assistance in order to best navigate your way around.

Mayo Methot’s Compelling Life Story

If all you know about Broadway and film star Mayo Methot is her marriage to leading Hollywood actor Humphrey Bogart, there’s much more to the story. Here’s a glimpse into what convinced her biographer into writing ‘Sluggy: Bogie’s Other Baby.’